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The Michigan Engineering Zone

Founded in 2010, the Michigan Engineering Zone (MEZ) – located just down the hall from the Detroit Center – provides Detroit middle and high school students with the knowledge and tools to succeed in pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering, and math.

Eye on Detroit | #MeToo: What Now?

The #MeToo movement has caused significant reverberations across a variety of industries. How is momentum continued and what is next for the movement? Join us for a conversation on this topic and more.

Doctors of Tomorrow

For students at Cass Technical High School in Detroit who are interested in the medical field, the Doctors of Tomorrow (DoT) program provides mentorship, knowledge and experience that prepares them for a future in healthcare.

LSA Semester in Detroit Program

For students wishing to become further engaged with the city of Detroit, the University of Michigan offers the LSA Semester in Detroit program, a semester-long residence in the city of Detroit with academic study and a community-based internship.

Detroit Partnership and the University of Michigan

The Detroit Partnership provides University of Michigan students with opportunities to volunteer in Detroit through weekly programs and the university’s largest service-learning event, Detroit Partnership Day.

Eye On Detroit: Automation Apocalypse

The world of work is changing dramatically. Robots and algorithms are projected to take over many jobs humans currently have. As this scenario plays out the City of Detroit is challenged by a skills gap in the current workforce. Join us as we discuss the options and opportunities for Detroiters to gain the skills of the future and the challenges facing the City in providing the necessary training.