Return Check Policy

The University of Michigan Detroit Center (UMDC) will accept checks from individuals and organizations under the following circumstances:

If a check is handwritten, a valid driver’s license with a photo ID must be presented. The driver’s license number will be recorded on the check if not already present on the check face, along with a copy of the driver’s license (once check is cleared, a photocopy is destroyed).

In the event the person does not have a valid license, a photo ID with the address must be presented.

If a check is returned to the UMDC as a result of non-sufficient funds:

Effective immediately the person and/or organization responsible for payment will not be eligible for room reservations at UMDC until payment issue is rectified.
All repaid funds must be paid with a money order, certified bank check or credit card and must include a $50 returned check fee.
Once a check is returned, we do not accept a check from the individual or organization again. Staff is mandated to check the Returned Check List before accepting a personal or organization check.

Once all funds are repaid, eligibility for room reservation is resumed

The following procedure outlines the process that this department must follow in order to recover the amount of the returned check and the $50 returned check fee, as well as providing documentation of due diligence in their collection efforts.

When a returned check is received:
The administrative assistant is notified by Finance Operations.
The Admin Assistant notifies the Facilities Coordinator, who then emails the client copying both the AA and the Director.
The email notification will provide instructions as to the date which payment must be made, and the form of payment that will be accepted to clear the debt with the University.

An additional notice will be provided via a telephone call to the phone number(s) on record, as follow up.