News from September 2016

26 September 2016

Two controversial proposals have been placed on the City of Detroit November ballot in an effort to spread the wealth of Detroit's comeback. The initiatives, known as Community Benefit Ordinances, aim to require developers to employ City residents, as well as other benefits to the communities in which they operate. As the first program of the Detroit Center’s Eye On Detroit series, a panel will identify the potential gains and pitfalls to the passing of such a regulation.

14 September 2016

Documenting Detroit is a collection of photographs taken by students from the College for Creative Studies during the 1970s and 1980s. Under the guidance of Detroit photographer and photography instructor Bill Rauhauser, students turned the urban landscape into works of art.

This exhibition offers a select sample of a vast collection that includes nearly 1,250 photographs of Detroit, from churches to construction sites, grocery stores to warehouses, hospitals to schools, and many...

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08 September 2016

Do you engage in the city of Detroit through your personal or student organizational initiatives? The University of Michigan Detroit Center and a coalition of civic/community engagement specialists and programs joined together to create The U-M Detroit Student Service Fusion Workshops. This three-part series of interactive workshops will prepare University of Michigan students wanting to learn/share best practices and resources for civic, cultural, service and social justice activities in...

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08 September 2016

Learn about a number of the dynamic ways the University of Michigan is making a difference in Detroit. Destination Detroit Center showcases the University outreach programs housed at the Detroit Center.

07 September 2016

Since it’s inception in September 2013, the Detroit Connector has bridged the geographical gap between Ann Arbor and Detroit for countless U-M faculty, staff, and students. To better serve this transit community, a new, mobile-friendly website is now available to help guide riders to their destination.