Detroit Jazz: Double Time in the D

05 August 2013
Detroit Jazz: Double Time in the D

Have you ever wondered what makes Detroit jazz such a unique style of music? From the musician’s distinctive facial expressions to the harmonious blend of the music, the University of Michigan Detroit Center welcomes you to come discover what have made this style so renown among jazz aficionados.

On Tuesday, August 27 from 6:30 – 8 p.m., the U-M Detroit Center is proud to present, Detroit Jazz: Double Time in the ‘D’. Open to the general public, this event includes complimentary admission, parking and light refreshments for all attendees.

When jazz emerged in the 1920s, the city of Detroit quickly became one of the nation’s hottest jazz destinations, standing alongside New Orleans, Chicago, and St. Louis. As word traveled, musicians across the country relocated to Detroit in hopes to capitalize on the genre’s reputation in the city.  Almost a century later, jazz still beats strong in Detroit.

Detroit Jazz: Double Time in the ‘D’ celebrates this rich history by offering attendees a truly unique and interactive experience. Moderated by WDET radio personality Craig Fahle, this entertaining and educational event includes a two-song performance by the locally renowned Sean Dobbins Trio, followed by a discussion.

The workshop panel will highlight topics such as performance techniques, the history of jazz in Detroit and the importance of genre across metro-Detroit today.

Panelists include: