U-M Projects in Detroit


The Semester in Detroit (SID) mission is to engage U-M undergraduates in substantive, sustained and reciprocal relationships with the people and communities of the City of Detroit.  During the winter and spring semesters, the SID program partners with more than 20 different community organizations, civic leaders and small businesses to create a project-driven experience. Since its inception, Semester in Detroit has created and maintained reciprocal relationships with over 50 Detroit...

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The Technical Assistance Center (TAC) is the community practice arm of the U-M School of Social Work taking theory to action at the neighborhood level. The Center is dedicated to establishing and promoting socially just communities, and deploys its interventions to support Detroit residents and stakeholders as they work to strengthen and improve their neighborhoods. Since 2006, the TAChas partnered with the Skillman Foundation in a neighborhood-based children's...

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The Teach For America Interim Certification Program is a state-approved alternative route to certification and is open only to teachers accepted by Teach For America (TFA), placed in TFA’s Detroit region, and who pass the appropriate Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) tests.

Entry to this program begins with an application to Teach For America. During the application and interview process with TFA, applicants will be able to indicate their preference for...

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The University of Michigan Memory and Aging Project (UM-MAP) is the primary memory and aging study at the Michigan Alzheimer’s Disease Center (MADC). The purpose of this study is to recruit and follow a large number of older adults with and without memory changes to help researchers learn more about normal aging and Alzheimer’s disease. A team of health professionals, including a neurologist, nurse consultant and social worker, monitor participants’ medical status, behavior and general...

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Project Healthy Schools (PHS), a community-University of Michigan Health System (UMHS) collaborative, provides a school-based program to reduce childhood obesity and its long-term health risks. Focusing primarily on middle school students, PHS aims to stem the tide of this epidemic by teaching youth healthy habits, developing healthy school environments, and creating an infrastructure that supports program sustainability and replication. Health behaviors are influenced and improved by these...

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More News

18 May 2015

The summer art exhibition season kicks off in Monts Hall on Friday, May 29 with the show, “Selected Works of the 20th Annual Exhibition of Art by Michigan Prisoners.”

The exhibit, which runs through June 26, aims to strengthen the community through creative expression while working with currently and formerly incarcerated adults and youth. Beginning in 1996, this annual exhibition,, features artwork by prisoners in the state of Michigan and aims to shed light on talents found behind...

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19 June 2015

In this episode of Detroit Discussions, Mike Morland sits down with Nik from the band, Screw, to discuss their upcoming Concert of Colors performance on the Wolverine Outdoor Stage. Coming together in 2013, Screw consists of Tommy T, HotRod Tusek, Elrod Adams and Nik Savage. Influenced by the classic rock sound of the 1970s and 1980s, Screw makes Rock music fun and exciting once again by returning to the genre’s old school roots.

15 June 2015

In this episode of Detroit Discussions, host Mike Morland sits down with Dyrel Johnson of the band HotSauce to discuss their upcoming performance at the Concert of Colors. Formed in 2001, Detroit R&B band HotSauce was built around the concept of pushing the boundaries of today’s Top 40 sound. Influenced by the legendary band, Earth Wind & Fire and pop superstar Prince, HotSauce serves up inspirational vocals and memorable melodies at shows across the country.

12 June 2015

In this episode of Detroit Discussions, host Mike Morland sits down with Joe Kidd and Sheila Burke to discuss their upcoming performance at the Concert of Colors. In the three-year collaboration of Joe Kidd and Sheila Burke, the duo has created a sound that’s powerful and unique in the world of acoustic music. After a...

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08 June 2015

As the University of Michigan rapidly approaches its bicentennial anniversary, Voices of Detroit: Life at U-M, serves as an ongoing oral history project that captures the life experiences of U-M alumni who grew up in Detroit. 

These individuals have a unique perspective on the relationship between the University and city, and how it has shaped their lives. Through this project, participants are...

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